Cookies Island - childrens adventure and soft play area

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Gallions Reach Shopping Park,
3 Armada Way, Beckton,
London E6 7ER


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Mon - Fri 10am-3pm (Term Time only).

Price: £3.99 - Admits 1x adult & 1x child

(£2.00 each additional child, £1.00 each additional adult).

During this time we run our Arts & Crafts sessions where your child will explore, be creative, and develop motor skills by participating in different types of activities from painting, sticking, to singing and dressing up.

These activities are designed using the Early Years Foundation Stage with the overall aim of introducing children to skills, knowledge and understanding in a fun interactive way by encouraging children to express themselves.

We also focus on developing children’s language, communication, listening skills and hand eye coordination.



** Spend quality time with your little one ** Meet other parents & children ** Enjoy activities together ** Share ideas and information**A fantastic way for parents and children to interact**.

Activities for Parent and Toddler Sessions.

During the month of January we will be doing various activities to enhance your child’s development.

The different activities will focus on the following areas of development in Expressive arts and design:

Begins to be interested in and describes textures

(soft- cotton wool, smooth- plate)

Uses various materials

Starts to use representation to communicate- (“That’s Me”)

Explores colour and how colours can change

Communication and Language:

Learns new words rapidly and can use them when communicating

Builds up vocabulary that reflect the breadth of their experiences

Physical Development:

Shows control when using mark making tools

Draws lines and circles using gross motor movements

Understanding the world:

Learns that they have similarities and differences that connect them to and distinguishes them from others

Theme: Colour Activity: Paper Plate Rainbows

We will be learning:

1. The names of different colours- red; orange; yellow; green; blue; purple

2. To use different materials and resources to create a rainbow- Glue sticks; cotton wool; paper plates; tissue paper)

Theme: Colours Activity: Messy play

We will be learning:

1. The names of different colours

2. How colours can change when mixed together

3. Names of different textures

4. How to make creative paintings using whole body movements

Have fun! Play! Learn!